you probably have one big goal in mind:
for your guests to have

With musical talent that's engaging and interactive. Lighting that enhances the space and design. A video presentation where you can clearly see (and hear) the keynote speaker...

for an epic party where there's

A party that looks and feels different than your best friend’s wedding. A conference where the stage setup is more unique than last year. A gala with a more unique band than any other fundraising event you’ve attended lately.

Packing dance floors

enhancing events


a great time.

never a dull moment.

all with                      assurance it will
be a night they'll never forget.

I have NEVER had so much fun dancing to every single song. My family had the best time and made the best memories. [The] band was AMAZING and were the talk of the night! I will remember it for a lifetime.”  
- Kelly, Event Guest 


With our amazing and diverse groups of talented musicians, as well as lighting and sound systems that enhance the decor and messaging of your event, we're able to provide all of your entertainment needs (and more.)

Think of us as your...

one-stop production shop.

with an eye and skillset
for what sounds
and looks good.

“Once the music started, the dancing never stopped! The energy in the room was electric and full of joy! When we began wedding planning, Ashley’s goal was for guests to have a great evening and a full dance floor at midnight. Mission Accomplished!”  - Ann, Host

a personable

Guests will remember two things about their experience: If they had a good time, and if the food was great. While we don't control the catering, our goal is to have your guests' feet hurt from having fun the night before.

To make sure YOUR experience starts (and continues) on a positive note, and in turn is shared by your guests, we'll start with the following:



we're absolute entertainment.

With 25 years in the entertainment business, and more than 15,000 events under our belt, we know the recipe to throwing a great party.

 The kind of party where your guests still rave months, maybe even years, afterwards about how great an event it was. Great parties are made up of a few key ingredients:

flawless sound.
spectacular environment.

Great energy.

step 1

step 2

Entertainment can make or break an event. And choosing an entertainment company isn't to be taken lightly. We know this is a big purchase and personal decision, and we're here to answer whatever questions you may have. Send you as many demos and images as you request. And invite you to come in and get to know the band leaders. All to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

We listen to what you want. And aim to please however we can. Once we talk through your vision, we'll recommend band, lighting, and/or audiovisual options we believe will help bring it all to life. With no withheld secrets or surprises later on.

step 3

Customization is our specialty. Once we send over the personalized proposal and the agreement is signed, we'll continue to personalize your experience by accommodating special song requests and assisting with event day details - like building your reception timeline based on what's important to you.

bringing your entertainment
needS together to create an incredible, unique and

“When planning [an event], you have enough to worry about. Researching should be easy and satisfying. Absolute Entertainment fulfilled, and exceeded, those wishes. The communication was superb, and Stacie, specifically, was top-notch with both professionalism, and her aim to please.” - Ryan, Groom

flawless environment.

lights. music. av.

whether you're looking
for lighting, a band,
audiovisual . . . or all three!

- We've got you covered.

check out some of our demos and images to get a feel for how we make your event the one people won't stop talking about.